Create Your Ayurvedic Profile

Ayurveda literally means ’Science of Life”. Thos who practice Ayurveda believe that there are three basic energies called doshas presents in every person, namely the Vata dosha, the pitta dosha and kapha dosh.

Vata dosha refers to the energy that controls the bodily functions associated with motion, such as blood circulation and breathing, Pitta dosha is believed to control the metabolic system of the body, and kapha dosha refers to the energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisture the skin, and maintains the immune system.

The constitution of doshas differs from person to person and is known as prakruti. Although we are all born with all three doshas, they combine together differently in each one of us, and it is this unique combinations that makes who we are and different from each other. The belief i that whiles everyone has all three doshas, one or two out of the three may be dominant.


Describe Your Body

Lean, slim

Moderate build, balanced weight

Rounded, Curvy frame, well built

Describe your skin type


Even and warm skin

Oily, soft and smooth

Describe your speaking style

Fast paced and likes to talk

Moderate pace and confident speakerd

Slower and steady speaker

Describe your appetite and thirst

Irregular appetite, erratic

Strong appetite and thirst, become irritable when hungry

Steady normal appetite and thirst

Describe your digestion pattern

Smaller quantities and lighter foods, can eat quickly

Strong digestion and needs to eat when hungry

Mid days meals are best and digestion can be weaker, benefits from spices to stimulate digestive fire

Describe your perspiring pattern

Dry body

Can sweat often

Substantial sweatiness and oily skin

Describe your food likes

Likes sweet and sour

Likes sweet and bitter

Likes spicy, astringent and hot

Describe your memory power

Quick to memorise, but tendency to forget

Moderate memory

Slow to learn but good long-term memory

Describe your sleep pattern

Can experiences disturbed, short sleep

Moderate sleep can take a while to settle

Easy and deep and sound sleep

Describe your activities interest

Interested in arts, music, dance, books and travelling

Interested in or problem solving, interest in leading activities and competitive sports

Interested in active sports requiring stamina like football, rugby or water sports

Describe your dislikes

Dry, Cold and Windy Weather

Heat and Bright Sun

Heat and Bright Sun

Describe your Personality Type

Imaginative, Friendly, Quickly starts something but take time to finish the the task, tends to rush and take on too much

Ambitious, Self - confident, Strong, Determined will, Can be irritated under pressure.

Well Grounded, Honest, Loyal, Patient, and Satisfied in life, can be lazy if out or balance.