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Traditional Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage (Mukh Abhyanga)

This traditional Ayurvedic treatment is wonderful for helping to prevent or reduce fine lines and wrinkles, through Anti-Ageing (Rasayana) techniques.

We select the most suitable Ayurvedic oil and Ubtan (Ayurvedic herbal face mask powder) to tailor the facelift massage according to one's dosha and body type, and work on the Marma (‘energy’) points on the face and head using warm herb-infused oil and Ayurvedic organic Herbal Masks to promote radiant, healthy skin. We achieve this through improving facial circulation and lymph flow as well as balancing the ‘Marma’ points on the face.

To finish, the face is gently steamed to remove any toxins that have been released and leave the skin feeling fresh and fabulous.


  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Brings natural glow and softens the skin
  •  Reduces damage caused by the sun
  •  Promote deep Relaxation for Mind and helps to relieve stress
  •  Strengthens the Muscles
  •  Removes dead skin cells
  •  Rejuvenates skin
  •  Reduces fat deposits
  •  Removes water retention
  •  Gives proper body Shape
  •  Reduces dry skin condition & allergies
  •  Detoxifies the body