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What a journey it has been so far since Mar 2020! 

A new way of living, lot of adaptions and adjustments and also inventing in some ways to carry on with our life. Let’s hope Year 2021 will bring more prosperity, peace and most importantly good health for everyone. On a reflection of the past year, most of us have realised that the biggest investment you can do is ‘invest in yourself’. 

The spring is just around the corner, and its perfect timing to Slosh off the Kapha of winter and prepare your body for the spring season. It is known as the 'crown of all seasons'. As you know, Springtime is magical, dynamic and also romantic. When nature changes from cold, wet, dark winter to spring, the earth warms up, flowers blossom, the sun brightens up the sky, and days become longer.

To enjoy a healthy winter to spring transition, we need to understand how our body adapts to this transition from one season to another (Ritu Sandhi). In winter, Kapha dosha accumulates in the body, which needs to be balanced. The out of balance dosha like Kapha can bring sluggishness, mental dullness, feeling lethargic & depressed. Kapha dominant Prakriti can feel excess phlegm in the lungs, sinuses, unhealthy weight gain, swelling due to excess Ama and heaviness. So the accumulation of unbalanced dosha can create problems in spring, which can make us vulnerable to seasonal allergies, retain excess weight and other uninvited problems.

Ayurveda strongly recommends cleansing our body in spring. We feel strong and stable physically and emotionally when Kapha is balanced. The cleansing can help you to eliminate toxins from the system, rebalance the doshas, heal countless ailments and renew a sense of clarity and inner peace.


Panchakarma for an ayurvedic Cleanse

As you know this is not a rocket science but can be achieved by engaging in a meaningful process well described in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is the ultimate Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation treatment.

Do you always wanted to cleanse your body? & You have no time going to onset retreat centre.

Then this supervised 1-2-1 Home cleansing is for you. Therefore, we have prepared a personalised Home Ayurvedic Cleanse Programme, which includes some of the gentle Panchakarma treatments. Without needing to visit clinic or centre, you will be able to perform some of the Panchakarma treatments at a leisure of your own comfort with our qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner.

It is divided into 3 phase:
Phase 1: Purva karma (preparation phase)
Purva karma is to prepare your body tissues for the cleanse and release of toxins. One week before the actual cleansing(depends on your total day's plan),
First to eliminate all processed foods, sweets, gluten, stimulants such as coffee, and most dairy products from your diet.
secondly oiling with medicated ghee internally and externally followed by perspiration (swedan) process as per your consultation and practitioners advise.

Phase 2: Pradhan Karma ( The cleansing phase)
In panchakarma normally, there are five practices but here we will choose 1-2 gentle practice according to individual requirement and ability which can be done by the home under guidance.

Phase 3: Paschat karma (The Rejuvenation phase)
During the rejuvenation phase, you return to a simple diet and lifestyle. It's important to do this gradually, by slowly introducing solid foods and dosha specific diet. You may also be advised to have rejuvenating herbs from this period.

A word of caution:
Panchakarma may release old, unresolved emotions stored in our deep connective tissue. No need to get worried, just be mindful and practise regular meditation to soothe your heart and soul.

Our carefully prepared Home Cleansing Programme includes:

  • Personalised Ayurvedic Consultation to prepare you for the Panchakarma (Cleanse)
  • Step by step clear instruction for your daily rituals including gentle panchakarma
  • List of the things you need for the programme including shopping list
  • Guidance to keep a journal of your daily logs
  • Ayurvedic herbs (to be purchased separately according to your consultation & body type)
  • Support throughout the cleanse via email or video call
  • Guidance for yoga, breathing technique and meditation
  • You will also have my guidance to prepare meal and recipes where needed, throughout you cleansing programme.
  • Post Cleansing guidance on ‘how to recuperate and re-integrate’
  • One Complementary treatment of Shirodhara


Please Contact us to make further inquiry or book your place via our contact us  Page OR call us on 020 8907 2996. 


This is a Personalised as per individual's needs and body constitution. 

One to one cleanse will take place between 14th March to 14th April


Why look forward to Cleansing Programme:

  • You can benefit from the comfort of your home. It will be personalised tailor-made as per your needs.
  • 1-2-1 guidance throughout your home cleanses practice, diet and healthy lifestyle advice.
  • You will have my full support and guidance during the home cleanse.
  • A chance to reflect on physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social wellness
  • purposeful period of rest, relaxation and rebuilding of body, mind and spirit.


‘invest in your own health’

Ten days plan of Ayurvedic home cleansing and rejuvenation through gentle Panchakarma for £475

Book in advance to take advantage of our early bird offer £50 off

Would you like to join with your loved ones? There is a reason to enjoy a home cleanse retreat together to spend some quality time, motivate and support each other's health and wellbeing.  It is just £800 for two.  Save further £50 if you book in advance. 

Look forward to being a part of your detox journey. 



Booking advised 2 weeks prior to your cleanse date so that you can prepare everything you will need in advance.


Hurry: Limited spaces are available