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Shirodhara is a unique and powerful Ayurvedic therapy that balances and benefits the mind, body and soul. Shiro means head and Dhara means stream. Shirodhara involved the pouring of a specially prepared liquid oil/herbal decoctions over the forehead for a certain time.

Shirodhara is performed by trained ayurvedic doctors or therapist.


How it performed/ procedure

  • A consultation and examination of the person for the constitution (body type and Dosha imbalance), disease.
  • specially prepared medicated oil/decoction
  • It is best to perform either in the morning or late evening. Also frequency 
  • It is recommended to done detox treatments with herbal preparations before Shirodhara as per consultation plan
  • usually, full-body massage or upper body and face massage is done before Shirodhara treatment.
  • One needs to lie down on the massage table with closed eyes covered with cotton wool and relax your body. Hair tied back from the forehead.
  • It is important to make sure oil doesn't entre eyes or ears, that is why recommended to be performed by an experienced practitioner.
  • A continuous oil poured on forehead covering energy points for a set time. As a part of therapy, it can start with 20 minutes and each time 5 minute added ut to 45 min than 5-minute decrease to complete the full treatment.
  • Gentle relaxing head and forehead massage are done after the treatment.
  • Shirodhara sessions can be done for 8/10/21 days depends on individual symptoms.
  • A healthy person can get it done once a week regularly or after seasonal detox programme.

During Shirodhara when warm oil is flowing with certain pressure at a point on the forehead for a specific period have a calming effect and allow the mind, body and soul to experience a deep state of rest. It stimulation the nerve plexus which is also called Ajna chakra( third eye chakra, Maha marma), the most important vital points of the body, it is also a key junction of the circulation of vital life force(prana)

According to Ayurveda, stimulating Ajna chakra benefits to an expansion of awareness, an egoless statement. The wonderful part is that during treatment we can connect deeply with own selves and subconscious. It helps us to enter a state of blissful relaxation to meditation. it is experienced by many of my clients.


There are various benefits of Shirodhara on the mind, body and soul.

To maintain health and wellbeing of a healthy person practising Shirodhara regularly in certain period benefits positive changes in one's health. The stress-free state of mind improve focus and bliss of meditation, replenished sense organs, improve hair health, excellent to promote blood circulation, reduce stress, improve sleep, memory and cognitive function.

Deep relaxation:

The warmth of the oil and the gentle pressure of the continuous flow allow mind, body and nervous system to experience a deep state of relaxation like meditation, enhance well being, clarity, focus and immunity. Shirodhara helps to reduce fatigue and rejuvenates the mind.

Stress buster:

Pouring of warm oils stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus, by regulating the functions of the pituitary gland and inducing sleep. Shirodhara also reduces the level of stress hormones such as Adrenaline and Noradrenaline which promote relaxation of the mind.

Balances Sleep: Shirodhara is an excellent therapy to overcome sleeping problems. Research successfully examines that the treatment is effective alone and also when planned with herbal remedies as per individuals condition. The process stimulates the pineal gland which produces melatonin, the governor of the wake-sleep cycle., or the circadian rhythm of the body.

Improved blood circulation: The warm oils used for Shirodhara also helps to open up of all the channels which benefit to improve the blood circulation of the brain.

Restore hair vitality: The medicated oils Planned according to Dosha absorbed through the scalp stimulate the hair follicles, and hence Shirodhara is a vital therapy to treat hair problems such as premature greying of hair or hair fall.

The benefits of Shirodhara on the mind, body and soul are numerous, being an excellent treatment to promote blood circulation, reduce stress, restore damaged nerves, improve memory and cognitive function.

  • Other key benefits of Shirodhara include treatment of Sleep problems, Memory loss, poor concentration, Chronic headaches, Migraine, Anxiety, Depression, Mental tension, Hypertension, Dementia, old age disorders of CNS, rejuvenate the upper thoracic part of the body and nourish the nervous system and many more.


There are countless benefits of this treatment make it very popular by our client. If you would like to experience and know furthermore about the treatment contact us at