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As you are aware, Mental health is such a condition that it impacts on us over the period. It is an accumulative impact which leaves many of us emotionally baffled for a very long time and we don't realise when we become victims of this invisible but very powerful health condition.

The current situation of the pandemic is a perfect example of how this has impacted negatively on millions of people's mental health and emotional wellbeing. The constant bombarding of breaking news and most of the time spending on social media around the world have created stressful situation without us even knowing. 

So let's look at our mental health and emotional wellbeing from the lens of Ayurveda. It is the world's oldest medicinal system and has been practised over five thousand years in India. 

I presented the above topic in the Inspiring Indian Women (IIW) on 2nd Jul and covered the following topics. 

  • Tridosha
  • Symptoms of stress & depression
  • How Ayurveda can help
  • Dincharya (daily routine)
  • Treatments 
  • herbal remedies


Please click on the following video explaining in details how Ayurveda can help in Mental Health and wellbeing.


Live Talk & Presentation Video


When you are feeling stressed, your body releases more of the hormone cortisol to provide a burst of energy. You can respond more quickly to sudden threats but the real problem starts when you are feeling stressed for a longer period. This makes you less sensitive to the surge in cortisol. Ayurveda can help Mild to preclinical cases, which can be healed. 
If you are already taking medication under doctor's care for depression, you can combine ayurvedic remedies along with your current treatment with your Dr' approval and supervision. Please consult an ayurvedic practitioner. 


Remember, depression and other mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of. Depression is not a sign of weakness, and seeking help is a sign of strength. Telling someone you are struggling is the first step toward feeling better. You will need the help of a mental health professional and talking or combining with alternative therapy to beat depression.