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At present, we are going through a challenging phase of Covid19 Pandemic, which many us may have never experienced in our lifetime. In many ways, Coronavirus has changed the world around us and forced to adopt new ways of living i.e. eating, travelling, shopping, working and many more. It feels like our lives have gone back into the past where our needs were dependant on minimal things. 

it’s the race against time to save as many lives we possibly can. The Pharmaceutical industries and scientists around the world are constantly doing novel experiments to defeat the virus and to find the right vaccine. The uncertainties around us have created an imbalance of our mental, physical and emotional well being. This appears to last longer than we all anticipated. 

They say, 'change is a rule of the universe' and in a matter of few weeks, we have made a lot of alternative arrangements to ditch the virus. Our fight against the Covid-19 is getting stronger and stronger. On hindsight, we could have probably done things differently, but this is not a time to debate how this has happened who did it, why they did it etc. 

Looking back at history, we are not in a unique situation. The world has seen many pandemics and has dealt with them in so many different ways. They say, "history is a great teacher". Let's take a pause and look at some of the chapters of history particularly Ayurvedic being a science of healing. It is one of the ancient sciences in healing and treating mankind and very well known to its an unparallel contribution to the world. 

Ayurveda is being practised over thousands of years in India and across the world. It has described the cause, impact and dealings of the situation like a pandemic in detail.

Ayurveda has specifically dealt pandemic under two main domains.

1) Janpadadwansa Vyadhi (Destruction of the huge population)

2) Samsargaja (Transmission of Disease)

Sage Charaka described Janapadadwamsa is a particular topic which explains the situation like a current pandemic. It states that polluted or contaminated air, water, seasons and places which creates a perfect environment for epidemic or outbreaks. 

He recommended the following steps to avoid the spread of a viral infection on a mass scale:

  • Go into isolation & go inwards
  • Follow healthy routine 
  • Eat homemade (Satvik) food
  • Take good rest (mental and physical)
  • Practice Yoga, Asanas and Pranayam (breathing exercise) 
  • Meditation

Sage Sushruta described in Samsargaja that fever and ARDS/SARS-like situation is an outcome of transmission. The infection can be passed through touch, contact, togetherness. 

"Ashtang Hrudya" (Text of Ayurveda, describing a medical school) explains fever is an outcome of transmission and toxicity due to touch. it further mentions that animal touches can also lead to a toxic epidemic. Chapter five of Sushrut Nidan further states that this can give rise to skin condition and eyes problems. 


Ayurveda describes immunity as Vyadhikshamatwa, a capacity to handle, counter and prevent diseases. Immunity is also described as Bala (strength) or Ojas(vitality/vital response). Bala is divided into the following three stages:

1) Sahaja: strength got by birth with our body's constitution 

2) Kalaja: strength got by age, seasons etc.

3) Yuktija: strength got by exercises, diet and vital herbs 

It is worth noting that fear and negative thinking add to our anxiety and reduce our immunity. 

It is not a coincidence but a perfect science that even after thousands of years the Ayurvedic teaching is so relevant to the current situation. It provides us with a range of guidance to stop the spread of a viral infection on a global scale. 

Common symptoms of COVID-19are Jwara: Fever, Kasa: Cough, Shwasa: breathing disorders, Pratishyaya: nasal disorders, Kriyakshayakaratwa: Inability to act/move.


  • We should stay at home or self-isolating and where possible work from home to avoid outside contacts. 
  • Sleep well
  • Exercise well
  • Eat well-balanced food

External Remedies & Tips:

  • Throat gargling with warm water with ½ tsp salt & ½ tsp of turmeric 3 to 4 times a day. 
  • Oil pulling can be performed in the morning with 1-2 tbs of sesame oil or coconut oil. 
  • Nasal oil application can be done by applying Ghee/sesame oil with a small finger.
  • Take steam with warm water and add 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil.
  • An exercise routine, Yoga stretches and Breathing technics. 

Essential Ayurvedic herbs to strengthen our immunity:

  • Tulsi (Holi Basil)
  • Guduchi
  • Neem
  • Triphala
  • Ashwagandha
  • Aamla

Ayurvedic spices to include in our daily routine:

  • Dry ginger, pippali, cinnamon pow with honey.
  • Basil tea with Black pepper and honey
  • A decoction of Dry ginger, pepper, pippali, liquorice can be taken throughout the day
  • Orange juice, carrot juice
  • Turmeric tea with dry ginger, carom seeds and lemon
  • Golden milk especially before bedtime

I have endeavoured to explain briefly how Ayurveda can help us to stay safe and healthy during this time. I hope you will find this helpful and adopt some of the tips in your routine to live a healthy and balanced life. 

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  • Stay safe 
  • Stay healthy...